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Lewis Braswell, LMT, CPT, Owner/Proprietor

Originally from Charleston, SC, I moved to Nashville, TN in 1997 to attend Belmont University. In 2001 I received my BA in music and continued to study sound & healing which eventually led me to massage and bodywork.

In 2003, I began studying massage and working as resource coordinator, office administrator, and continuing education coordinator at the Natural Health Institute.

Upon graduation and licensure in 2005, I started a bodywork practice in the NHI clinic and in 2007 became an instructor. I created the Sound Body Integration© class to share the healing power of sound with others. Currently in my tenth year of practice, I continue to provide education, awareness and integral holistic therapy.

I live with my wife and four five beautiful children in the rolling hills of Bellevue where we enjoy nature, music, art, play time, gardening, and meals with friends and family.
The Braswells

Cameron Davi, LMT, CNMT, MTPT

“Every moment in this life offers infinite possibilities of love.” I specialize in Deep tissue, NMT, MTPT, Sports massage, Lomi-Lomi & PNF. My bodywork is centered around chronic pain assessment, treatment and relief.

  • 1996 Graduated from The Scherer’s Institute of Natural Healing in Santa Fe, NM.
  • 1998 Certified in Advanced Neuro-Muscular therapy
  • 21+ Years as a LMT
  • 19+ Years as a CNMT (Certified Neuromuscular therapist)
  • 13 Years experience teaching massage therapy curriculum
  • 5+ Years as a MTPT (Myo-fascial trigger point therapist)
  • 2+ Years Cupping experience

Born and raised in the funky city of Atlanta, GA., I grew up in a very culturally diverse and progressive urban environment that was steeped in traditional southern American values & history. Throughout my childhood, I was always very active, athletic and adventurous. This athleticism is what lead me to sports, which lead me to weight lifting, which in turn eventually lead me to chronic pain, which thankfully lead me to massage therapy.

I went to college at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. It was there, in the temperate rainforest of the Pacific Northwest where I truly fell in-love with Mother Nature and began to embrace a much more natural and consciously aware lifestyle. It was while in college, that I found Aikido. Being exposed to the eastern concepts of Chi/Ki /Qi (Life force energy), has had an infinitely expansive impact on my life. Aikido in turn lead me directly to massage therapy.

I went to massage school at “The Scherer’s Institute of Natural Healing” in Santa Fe, NM. It was here in massage school, where I heard & found my “calling” in this life! I found a love and passion in massage therapy and its relevant natural sciences that was very unexpected yet greatly appreciated. Two years after massage school, I sought out advanced certification training in Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) at the “Heartwood Institute” in Garberville, CA.

I began teaching massage therapy curriculum at the “Natural Health Institute” (NHI) here in Nashville in 2002. It was here in a classroom, that I was able to combine my talent & love for entertaining others with my passion for massage therapy and proficient knowledge of the human anatomy. I have taught all classes & subjects of massage therapy curriculum throughout my career.

In 2004, Temple style Lomi Lomi found me. This is a unique and sacred form of massage & bodywork that is indigenous only to the Hawaiian islands and culture. Lomi is a very different style of bodywork than what most westerners are accustomed to. This modality combines my current love and appreciation of sensuality and the power of touch with my adoration for the traditional Hawaiian culture. Every session I do, I constantly look for opportunities to implement Lomi wherever appropriate.

In 2012, I started learning Myo-Fascial Trigger-point Therapy (MTPT). This modality’s very systematic clinical approach to specific treatments of chronic pain is very similar to NMT. They are parallel secondary branches from the same “Deep tissue” limb on the Massage tree. Learning MTPT has deepened my understanding of chronic pain, postural assessment, postural patterns of dis-function and perpetuating factors of dis-function tenfold. I am currently pursuing my certification in this modality.

Within the last two years, I have become increasingly intrigued by the near infinite possibilities of “Cupping”. I took a Medi-cupping & Acu-cupping class and have been hooked since. I practice cupping on my willing clients whenever possible. The more I practice, the better I get. I practice cupping on myself weekly. It has so many therapeutic benefits, stimulating almost every system in the body to increase homeostasis, improve ROM, influence chi/energy, release adhesions as well as reduce inflammation & edema.

I know this much... music, massage therapy & NMT are the “true loves” of my life! I have dedicated my life to this pursuit and quest. I have spent half of my life walking this path and I still genuinely love it everyday! I believe in pioneering a paradigm shift in the consciousness of the modern American minds...that this is/should be your true “health care.”

In my opinion, traditional western medicine should be considered more as “sick care.” The unfortunate bitter truth is that modern western medicine is managed by corrupt gigantic pharmaceutical corporations interested predominantly in money. The business plan is to keep you just sick enough... Unfortunately, most western medical physicians too are limited by either proper knowledge or actual ability & power to truly help you heal, other than formulaic surgery and drugs.

I am not at all interested in chasing nor “treating” symptoms. The “symptom” simply develops because of a deeper root problem. Thus, I read the symptom(s) as a direct indication of the loss and/or absence of “harmony” within the organism, oftentimes due to unidentified perpetuating factors (UPF’s). Through intelligent and proper postural assessment of the body in addition to a thorough consultation, commonly the UPF influences can be properly identified and therapeutically addressed and or evaluated.

Everyday, I consciously strive to shine light into the darkness. To selflessly serve others in the name of love. My personal goal is to eradicate and transform “FUD”(Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) energy into the “3 C’s”(Clarity, Certainty, Confidence). Thoughts lead directly to behavior... Through shifting our perspective, we open ourselves to the infinite possibilities of love.

PLEASE NOTE - I have a very straightforward “50/50 rule” to my approach of bodywork. As your therapist, you hold me 50% accountable to providing you with the very highest quality of care and education while you are in my care or on my table. In turn, I hold you my client, 50% accountable to listening well enough to know exactly what to do for your own personal “homework” in between our sessions, to better further your therapeutic progression out of chronic pain as well as empower yourself through guided quality education in self-care. The truth is that you have a lot more time with “you” than I do! So, please do your homework and you will feel much better, much more quickly! Thank you,