Your Feet Are Your Foundation

Are you looking for a way to PREVENT or CORRECT:
  • Bunions                   

  • Hammertoes           

  • Neuromas                

  • Plantar Fasciosis    

  • Heel and Foot Pain?

Connective Tissue Massage, Structural Bodywork, and Isolated Stretching Techniques release repetitive strain patterns and reprogram the neurological functions of the musculofasical system. This provides the opportunity to restore resilience and awareness to the foundation of what makes us human, our feet.

Along with stretching and bodywork, Podiatrist Ray McClanahan created Correct Toes. An orthotic device, Correct Toes aligns the bones of the feet, thus allowing the muscles of the lower leg and foot to strengthen and balance. Correct toes are available through Nashville Orthopedic Massage.


The Natchez Trace Bridge in Franklin, TN is a beautful architectual example of the strength and stability found in the double arch.


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