Hands-on Healthcare...

Listening to and understanding YOU is what allows for the most effective treatment. At NOM, we practice a proactive and preventative approach to wellness while also initiating the power of touch to rehabilitate and heal.

Find freedom in gravity through the practice of manual therapy assessment, Myofascial techniques, Orthopedic & Sports massage, and Assisted Lymphatic Therapy. Our skilled therapists use an integral blend of Western and Eastern modalities that are combined and tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Healing is an art that we all possess based on our willingness to accept responsibility for and educate ourselves about our health in all forms. Together, we can find health by defining balance...


Find Freedom From:

Musculoskeletal Pain




Plantar Fascitis/Foot Pain

Scar Tissue



Mental/Emotional Imbalances

Sleep Disorders

General Discomfort

and more...


Our main system of support in gravity is our Myofascial system. This system consists of a continuous web of layered collagen fibers that extend in planes from head to toe. Stress, illness, physical and emotional trauma can cause this connective tissue matrix to compress and restrict the body's inner space thus creating misalignment, pain and pathology of the whole human organism.

    Connective Tissue Massage, Structural Bodywork, Isolated Stretching Techniques and Corrective Movements release repetitive strain patterns and reprogram the neurological functions of the musculofasical system. This provides the opportunity to restore function, resilience, awareness and HEALTH!